D   a   r   k   n   e   s   s        E   t   e   r   n   a   l



Animamundi: Dark Alchemist a gothic horror visual novel CD-ROM developed by Karin Entertainment and distributed in English by Hirameki International in May 2006. The ERSB rated this game MA (Mature +17) for Blood and Gore, Nudity, and Sexual Violence. The game was originally released in Japan in 2004.

A visual novel is a type of game that can be played on a game system, PC, or even DVD. In essence, it is a "Choose Your Own Adventure" novel with mostly static graphics that change according to the story's progression. The object is to receive a best possible endings through choices you make in the game.


Hardland is a country that ushered in an age of technological advances by outlawing dark arts and alchemy. Despite this ban the practice continued on in secret.

Count Georik Zaberisk is a phsyician who finds himself drawn into the forbidden realm of alchemy in order to restore his younger sister Lilith's body. His fall from grace is received by men who try to save him and men eager to show him into Hell's depths.

Your objective is to restore your sister's body and get some ass survive.


Animamundi directly translates to "World Soul", it is the divine essence that exists in all creations. The goal of alchemy is to purify the soul, or divine fire in through means of phsyical (turning lead to gold) and spiritual transformation as per the instruction of the Emerald Tablet.

Explanation from AlchemyLab.
"In this primordial Chaos is contained the germ or seeds of potencies of all things that ever existed and of all that ever will exist in the future. It is the universal soul, or the Corpus of nature, and by means of the Secret Fire it may be extricated from all substances and be rendered corporeal and visible. It is both unity and a trinity according to its inherent aspects of Sulfur, Mercury, and Salt. These three are distinct qualities characterizing the spirit of Light, and nevertheless they are nothing different from the essence of the Light. This Light is eternal nature, the Anima Mundi or Soul of the World."

from Ether and Reality by Sir Oliver Lodge
"Apollonius of Tyana is said to have asked the Brahmins of what they supposed the Cosmos to be composed.
'Of the five elements,' came the reply.
'How can there be a fifth' demanded Apollonius, 'beside Water and Air and Earth and Fire?'
'There is the Ether,' replied the Brahmin, 'which we must regard as the element of which the gods are made, for just as all mortal creatures inhale the air, so do immortal and divine natures inhale the Ether.'"


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