D   a   r   k   n   e   s   s        E   t   e   r   n   a   l


Link to Darkness Eternal (upload .GIF image to own server):



  • Kamazene - Website made in 2006 that never seemed to launch. Many of the images from the image gallery (fanbook, cd inserts, magazine bonuses) were found on this site.
  • Sin Harvest's AnimaMundi Walkthough - A basic walkthrough for the game. To those of you not fimilar with visual novels, there are multiple endings you can receive for this game. Each possible ending you can receive has a number, a name, and a character associated with it. So If you want to aim to get an ending with St. Germant, you will want to get the 7th ending, Victory. Please also note that there are more ways to receive certain endings than listed here, and there are more variables in receiving these endings than listed here. Don't get frustrated if the ending doesn't work for you at first, try another one then come back to it.
  • Anime Eye-Candy's Walkthrough - More detailed version of Sinharvest's guide.
  • Anime Eye-Candy's Alchemist's Bible Item Guide - Guide to obtaining all the items in Animamundi.
  • AnimePlayPC's Animamundi Page - Offical English page for Animamundi. Contains information and the patch for the game. DEAD. Use webarchive.com to access pages.
  • Anime Damasii : Hirameki Community BBS for Animamundi - The offical English Animamundi BBS. DEAD. Use webarchive.com to access pages.
  • Wikipedia Article on Animamundi - Basic information regarding Animamundi.
  • Georik Zaberisk SIMS edit - Sims edit of Georik for you SIM addicts.


  • Offical Karin Animamundi Site - Contains interesting facts and images for animamundi. Definately worth checking out.

  • Message From Rune - Have your fortune told through runes, just like in the game. Unfortunately its in Japanese, but you can just look up the rune's meaning via google if you wish. Click on the banner that says "Message from Rune" to start. Requires Flash.
  • Karin's Animamundi Oekaki BBS - Offical fanart oekaki board for Animamundi. If you click the "Draw" button at the top left hand corner you can also draw and post your own fanart and submit it to the page.
  • Wanko no Kimitu - Lots of Georik and Dashwood fanart.
  • Ecleanima - Appears to be a japanese GeorikxDashwood fanfiction site.
  • xxxSyndromeanima - Contains a gallery (under the "G" link in the navigation) with lots of fanart.



  • Johann Georg Faust - Information regarding Georg Faust, the character Georik Zaberisk is based off of.
  • Mephistopheles - Information on the fictional character Mephistophiles throughout literature.
  • Lilith - Information about Lilith as the mythological entity and temptress of man.
  • Count of St Germain - Information about the fictional and historical character.
  • Timothy Leary - Who was LCD advocator from the 60's.
  • Jan van Ruthberg - aka Jan van Ruusbroec.
  • Bruno Glennings 1 2 - There are two peole that seem to resemble Bruno. Click the one and the two to see them both.
  • Gennai Hiraga - He's real too.
  • Sylvie & Bruno? - A lesser known novel by Carroll featuring two main characters called Sylvie and Bruno.
  • Eliphas Levi - Information about the real Eliphas Levi, who was far from anything related to a head palace guard.