D   a   r   k   n   e   s   s        E   t   e   r   n   a   l



If you have having trouble getting an ending besides A Quiet Corrosion, the one where Lillith rots, you either don't have enough items or (this only applies if you bought the lincensed, english version) you need to download the patch for the game:

WINDOWS Animamundi Patch
MAC Animamundi Patch

Unzip the contents (if you don't have a decomplier download winzip or winrar), and copy and paste the new file you just unzipped into the folder the old game file by the same name (Your Animamundi game should have downloaded to C://Programs/Karin Entertainment - Animamundi or something similar to that) .


Download missing Script Data for Outbreak of War
Simply replace this game file by copying and pasting with the one in you Karin - Hirameki Folder under programs folder. You can also just save your game then exit out. When you reopen Animamundi and load you're saved data. The squares should be normal text.


Want to get a certain ending but are unsure exactly how? There are two main guide you can follow:

SinHarvest's Guide is the most useful of the guides I have seen.
Anime Eyecandy's Animamundi Walkthrough
Anime Eyecandy's Animamundi Item Guide GENNAI vs THE WHISTLER
How to obtain the event:

A certain rural doctor- same choices for the germant ending (B)
The nightmare begins- I cannot trust your contract // Pull Lillith back
Kamazene, the capitol- ask if you've seen him somewhere before
suspicious people- threaten them
home sweet home- lillith is dead
scars- pretend not to know dashwood
shining elixir- doing a medical experiment]
the royal physician- take a look // go to library
demon in the church- drink // seek help // don't have fortune told
the great paracelsus- e // keep it
the oriental curio shop- decline offer // will you be able to get back on your own?
a palace of hatred and jealousy- wait and see what happens
confession- stop off somewhere else---> gennai's shop // leave her in the cellar // give lillith to st germant


This is a patch made by fans to remove the censor placed on the english release of Animamundi. The game had to be censored to obtain a M 17+ rating, otherwise they wouldn't have been able to sell the game in the US. If you are 18+ and would like to experiance the game as it was originally intended then download The Animamundi Censorfree patch, unzip it (see quiet corrosion for decompiler link), and follow the instruction in the readme file.

DISCLAIMER: Patch created by Sirrah (Kakyuu18@yahoo.com) and distributed by Sakura (lonebluewolf13@hotmail.com)

SOMETHING ELSE? Try one of the Animamundi groups listed under COMMUNITY and posting your questions to one of the communities there.